Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brown Winter Hat

I made this hat for my boyfriend, Jeff. It was only my second project so I used a pretty simple pattern (click here). It only took me about 5 hours it complete beginning to end.

It didn't turn out too bad. The only complaint I have, is that I decreased it a little bit too slow at the top, so it kind of has a bit of a nipple happening. LOL. It disapears when you put the hat on. I had knitted it all on one needle as per the pattern, I'm unsure of whether that made it more difficult or not. I had to line up all the stitches when I bound it together. Sigh, it's made with love and thats the most important part.

Mossy Green Scarf

This was my very first project. I started it on vacation in Newfoundland this past August. I dilligently worked away on it all vacation, but it wasn't until I got back into my residence that I had some solid time to sit down and finish it. I absolutely love it, it's nice and wide, but not too bulky under a coat. It's just straight garter stitch from top to bottom, a nice easy stitch for a beginner. LOL. Other than a dropped stitch at the beginning I'm proud of it's outcome!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

And The Posting Begins

Good evening ya'll. So here goes, my first post. I've recently learned to knit, and have been making excellent progress in my opinion. I'm constantly trying to out do myself in each new project I take on. I'm aiming for the skill to be able to tackle this cardigan that I've been coveting from the current issue of VOGUEKnitting (Pattern number 4 ... I believe). It's absolutely gorgeous.

I'll be posting pictures of my other achievements in later posts, and where I've found the patterns.

I'm currently working on a stuffed pig for my boyfriend's 2 yr. old niece (Anastasia). I plan to have it done for Christmas for her, and a stuffed bunny for her baby sister (Natasha). Looks like everyone is getting a knitted piece of love for Christmas. LOL

Cheers and happy knitting!